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Creative modern with rooftop entertainment deck

This property had the feel of a woodsy retreat. A winding, forested road came to a halt on a hilltop, with a tiny, old cottage at the bottom of a long, rickety set of stairs. The house was on the lake, with a sand beach and an appealing view of the lake and Cascades. It was clear that this beautiful, private site would be ideal for an estate-like residence.


Our design aims were to improve access, maximize living space, draw light into the interior, preserve the remarkable views and enhance the connection with the lake. We set about designing a 3,700-square-foot, three-story home with luxury elements and contemporary flair. We began by angling the home to the southwest, for maximum sunlight.


Since the house was now much taller, it allowed level access from the parking area into the home; we bridged the steep hillside chasm with a dramatic catwalk. The addition of a creative element—a glass shaft extending from the roof down through all the floors—created a prismatic effect, drawing light inside. And massive window walls flooded the home with light and views.


The main floor was designed as a high-ceilinged great room with a view deck. Upstairs, the family level featured a master suite with great views from both the bedroom and stand-alone soaking tub. Downstairs, stackable glass doors opened a media/entertainment room to a patio, landscaped gardens and walkway to the beach.


But the focal point of the home was a feature almost unheard of in the Northwest: An entertainment rooftop deck with outdoor kitchen and hot tub, overlooking the lake. This engaging feature crowned the home and made the entire residence perfect for outdoor recreation and family gatherings, two of our most-important company trademarks.

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